The Amethyst

La Amatista

The Uruguayan amethyst is prized for it’s beauty and clarity. The stones come from a place where the environment speaks to our heart.

Which one makes you zing?

About Our Stones

Does the natural world bring you joy? Are ethical practices in business important to your purchasing? La Amatista literally translates in English to The Amethyst. But to us, it connotes so much much more. We are an Uruguayan / American family with a love for the natural world.
Where the mines are handled with care and there is a priority placed on sustainability. For us, Amatista represents a belief in striving for better, respecting the natural world and having gratitude for it’s resources. Someone who purchases with that same mindset embodies the heart of this stone!

The stones we are bringing to the sunlight are mined with care, without child labor, dyes, chemicals and lead. The individuality of each stone showcases the earth’s process that created these complex gems. Their sustainable practices should be celebrated as we bring these stones to the US. Each stone we carry is ethically sourced, handpicked to bring abundant healing energy, peace and powerful motivation to your life.

Purchases made between September 2-14, will ship 9/15

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